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Where does Google stand today in terms of social media? We think they're on the horizon of becoming the next big thing. We're moving to focus more on Google+ for businesses. They seem to be marketing hard for businesses to join Google+ in their upcoming changes for business listings. With NRCW Commercial Website Solutions, you get all this with your monthly payment at no extra charge. This will help your SEO[1] rankings too.

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Could One Person Create a 464.7% Increase in an Organizations Size?

Cincinnati Adult Hockey Leagues literally can't take any more players without 12:45am+ game start times with the exception of Division #1 and a few Division #3 players. There's no room, no ice time to create more teams. This is a case study we are putting together as our #1 record breaking achievement of all time. There are many factors that go in to successful marketing and we're not taking 100% credit but we can say without a doubt that at a minimum 80% of this achievement is statistically provable results all by NRCW Companies / Drew Eppley. That's a capped out total of 464.7% increase to the organization since we came on board not to mention they have been the foundation for NRCW Companies overall successes and expansions. [1]

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NRCW Website Checklist

Commercial Website ChecklistThe NRCW Website Checklist is a fast guide to making sure you cover all the basics when building a great website.



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Finding the Perfect Pricing Plan

When it comes to providing the ultimate website deal, we focus more attention on marketing. This encompasses SEO, business listings, and customer interactions through social media in all manners possible, including app development. So where can a passion for wanting the best for our clients go wrong? Communication is key (hey, it's in our name)!

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Let Us Maximize Your Brand Presence On Social Media

At NRCW we create fun and creative social media advertisements and online promotions that maintain customer engagement and interest. We're statistic-based, but you don't have to know all the technical stuff. We will provide you with numbers and ROI of each campaign and even your ROI on your NRCW LCWS™ partnership if you want!

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Choosing META Keywords

When it comes to choosing your website keywords, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always think like the customer when choosing keywords. A good exaple is a bank

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The number one issue of web marketing partnerships

Bold Headlines & ContentThe number one issue we have in this industry is content. Copy writing is essential in providing a professional and complete website solution, however we have not solved this issue yet after over 8 years in the field. Our biggest nightmare looking at websites from a marketing perspective is missing content. You know, the "coming soon page" that sits on new websites for years after development has completed? It's hard to grasp the full nature of online content until you see for yourself how content effects search engine rankings, visitor's experience and marketing trends. More information coming soon! (haha)

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Blacklisted IP Addresses

Over the past three to five years, many of our NRCW dedicated hosting servers have been targeted for attacks from proxies from bad websites and intentional dynamic IP address attacks and tests for vulnerabilities. We currently have a list of over 13,500 'bad' addresses.

If you are attempting to access a NRCW Commercial Website but cannot get access from a specific IP address, you may submit a White List Request to us by contacting us directly in person and we will independently review your history.

Thank you for your patience and please be sure to be safe when downloading files, running programs and surfine online on both mobile and standard devices.


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Welcome aboard Lansing Rot Rods Indoor Semi-Pro Lacrosse!

The Continental Indoor Lacrosse League (CILL) is a senior men's semi-professional box lacrosse league in the United States. The league presently consists of nine teams with a geographical footprint centered around the midwest region of the U.S. and NRCW is proud to not only partner with Lansing, MI Hot Rods but our CEO is also an official backup goaltender of the team!

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Welcome aboard Cincinnati Automotive Inc

We're proud to announce our new partnership with Cincinnati Automotive Inc. and look forward to providing full and complete customized credit appication system as well as potentially a buy-it-online solutions.

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