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Joomla! Install and Setup

Joomla! is a powerful, free and open source content management system (CMS) used to build websites, manage content and add nearly unlimited features through add-ons.While Joomla!'s install model comes with many preset components they don't always meet your needs.

The task of installation, setup and choosing of the proper components to maximize your online presence and functionality can be daunting to someone unfamiliar with the Joomla! world of open source products.

We can take that daunting experience off your shoulders so you can concentrate on other aspects important to your business.

  • Tell us what functionality you are looking for.
  • We can advise of the best components to accomplish your goals.
  • We discuss and develop with you what you wish.
  • Where you may not be able to envision, WE CAN!

We listen, we ask, we suggest based on your business goals.

As an ongoing partnership to our clients, if we see something new along the way we can contact you with added suggestions in a continued relationship with our clients to assist in maintaining the best functionality for your internal use and for your client's use.

What is involved in a Joomla! Install and Setup?

Our specialists can review and configure all your hosting files to assure a proper install. We can perform the installation, all necessary configurations to your specifications, install additional add-on products for added functionality or develop an extension specific to your needs, configure the additional add-ons. We can also install a site template and perform a quality control to see that all is functioning as it should be. If your site is not performing as it should be, our knowledgeable team can quickly remedy any glitches or any compatibility issues. We can also assist in the web design phase after install and setup to set modules into proper positions, set colors, set font defaults, etc. Our staff is also versed in setting up Google Adsense modules for additional revenue to your site. This would be entailed in the web design phase also.

Private Domains

Private Domain Name Registration

NRCW LLC has offered our clients private registrations since 2000 due to the regular abuse of public domain name registration data being used for SPAM and unlawful marketing. We believe our clients should be able to keep their personal contact information private when they partner with us; also domian names operated by NRCW LLC are the property of NRCW LLC while our clients are in a Leased Content Website Agreement. We do not offer our private domain name registration to outside clients. However not all content is published by us so if you wish to report a website that is violating a trademark, sending spam, or is defamatory, libelous, or contains morally objectionable content, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

Nature of Complaint
Domain Name(s) at issue:
Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Affected company or individual:
Phone number:
Law firm name (if you are an attorney):
Federal trademark registration number (if applicable for trademark violations)
Any additional information:

Clients do have the opportunity to have thier own, private email address for their domain name. Clients decide whether to have email forwarded directly to your personal account, filtered for spam before forwarding, or never forwarded at all. This limits your exposure to people seeking to obtain and exploit your personal information, while allowing you to receive email without ever exposing your personal email address or identity. If a clients domain name expires without private registration, the WHOIS data remains linked to your personal information. The next person to register it can ascertain your email address and other personal contact information not to mention that your email address is surly archived in many domain name records that are now permanent on the internet, well after you have lost control of that domain name. When you add private registration, it is effective for all eternity!

Sell Products (or services) Online

Also known as ecommerce; developing an online store is more affordable and customizable than ever. Avoid those common fee per sale large "do it yourself" stores and develop your own unique store. Every customer has different objectives and technology goals but most projects are as low as $64.95 per month. Great for digital products too!

We incorporate SSL (all that fancy HTTPS secure credit card transaction stuff) for as little as an additional $10 per month (you choose your online payment processing partner)!
NRCW LLC takes pride in providing quality and secure eCommerce hosting plans and solutions. Keep in mind that in order to provide a secure and safe store, we will recommend the best in SSL certificates, guaranteed up-time and quality maintenance and training. Not all web solutions companies are the same, and not all companies like NRCW LLC will offer a broad range of cart solutions that do not cost you money every month to operate (of course hosted solutions do still cost for storage and all the rest). You will be able to find your most affordable professional hosted solutions right here! We guarantee it.

How can we offer $10,000 to $75,000+ websites at such a low rate?

Your website solution is leased intellectual property. NRCW LLC does not use any of the data on your website but rather owns the production for the duration of our partnership. We credit up to 25% of your payment towards the actual value of your project so that you may purchase the complete solution at any time but while you are a valued customer, your monthly fee (Did we say as low as $64.95?) pays for full support and hourly updates. This is the business model that is unique to NRCW LLC. We can provide you the highest quality development, training and support while you only pay pennies compared to the competition yet get twice the technology and experience! This keeps our clients loyal and helps us upkeep the premium support to you in hopes of being recognized as the best web developer company in the world!

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It takes a lot of time to build a commercial website solution even with amazing tools such as content management systems and software solutions. A truly professional website takes professional expertise, all around security, skills and most of all marketing.


Not many individuals can do everything I do. This allows me to charge less than bigger companies and gain the recognition and national attention.


The biggest factor is I don't take on any project and do a half-[done] job. This is why you can expect to pay only higher prices with my business and I stick to it with full dedication and proven success.

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