Cincinnati Adult Hockey Leagues literally can’t take any more players without 12:45am+ game start times with the exception of Division #1 and a few Division #3 players. There’s no room, no ice time to create more teams. This is a case study we are putting together as our #1 record breaking achievement of all time. There are many factors that go in to successful marketing and we’re not taking 100% credit but we can say without a doubt that at a minimum 80% of this achievement is statistically provable results all by NRCW Companies / Drew Eppley. That’s a capped out total of 464.7% increase to the organization since we came on board not to mention they have been the foundation for NRCW Companies overall successes and expansions. [1]

 CAHL Statistics

My marketing portfolio needs a new challenge. Any of you guys from P&G, GE or any business with over a million annual customers have a voice in your corporations? Aside from marketing consultation specifically, these are focus points of my second LLC, The MAPP and I have a large plan as to where I am going from here already but this time it needs investors.

– Drew Eppley
Owner / CEO



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