NRCW Commercial Website Solutions is a sole proprietorship. I’m eliminating my pricing table on January 1, 2012. It doesn’t make sense  Why would I value my time differently if I’m doing some marketing copy writing for your latest promotion or taking the role of marketing consultant for a multinational business? I don’t and that is why the NRCW LCWS business plan works. You pay a flat monthly fee and track your hours. That’s it.

For miscellaneous projects my default rate is $129.99 per consultant hour (50 minutes).

Real life explination: Custom services are priced based on the time it usually takes me to complete a task. Installing a Joomla site I can do in about 5 minutes. Computer repair usually involes lots of time running scans so I baby sit computers or server in repair while doing other work and I only charge for what time I spend interacting with the server or computer. If you have malware infection and was a complete OS reinstall and don’t have the disks it’s only going to cost you about .75 hours but it might take me three days.

You choose where your NRCW service hours go! Create pro video, photography, graphic design, content updates, training, marketing, social media, live entertainment, product photography & many more options at no additional cost! No up front development fees! Yes, we’re a very unique company that provides a greater variety of professional services than any other set of companies in the world and we do it at a less total overall cost not only to any similar companies out there but we’re also more affordable than hiring internally! With NRCW LLC your project is one set monthly price so there is no worrying about your month-to-month cash flow investment. We offer a guarantee that no other web developer can!

  • Minimum three months total payment, no matter what size your project is
  • Even after we do the bulk of the development you can cancel with a two months notice and owe nothing more!
  • With NRCW, you get the exact same montly payment every month, guaranteed!
  • Every project is unique and we tailor your project based on a detailed estimate and our experience.


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