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We have a very unique business model. NRCW is modeled on the idea that a complete online marketing solution is the key to success and customers wanting the maximum effect must approach their website from all marketing angles. This has proven extremely successful.

All of our pricing is on a “cost per month” pricing model only. To the point: You won’t hourly rates posted anywhere, not even in our books. We do not offer independent service pricing on an hourly basis. Drew feels that the typical billing of clients on a per hour basis is an inaccurate way of pricing to begin with because skills and talents can very greatly between web development companies. Not having a “pricing table” is one thing what makes us very unique.

The second thing is we don’t bill our clients any differently if they want revisions and changes during their partnership. If a client decides to produce more video and less content updates, NRCW adapts without changing the price. We charge one set monthly rate and adapt our services based on an organizations needs. We do provide a maximum number of hours per month available for every client, however we do permit exceeding this without penalty too. There’s no catches. You pay your set fee per month. Boohyah.

If there is one person that knows what it’s like living on food stamps and barely making it by, it’s owner and founder, Drew Eppley. He truly respects affordability but also understands value. Drew has always valued quality over cost. NRCW is engineered with completeness and professionalism valued higher than the total cost rather than competing for market shares by being the “affordable company” in the industry. Drew realized early in the web development industry that all the major aspects of web development were missing and decided to change the industry completely with a unique, marketing-based website development service. This has since lead Drew to create The Marketing Advertising and Promotion Professionals LLC ( and become a well-respected and recently well-recognized marketing consultant for the modern-age too.

There are many reasons NRCW is priced the way it is:

  1. More for Your $: NRCW Offers premium SEO with every website. That can hold a value of $300 to $3,000 per month on its own. We provide professional video production at no extra charge ($3,000 per take or more with post production). We come to you for no extra charge and we respond and update your website at no extra charge. With NRCW, you are purchasing a monthly marketing partnership and not just a website.
  2. Constantly up-to-date skills: NRCW is a real-world marketing research-based-on-industry service. Thousands of hours are invested by Drew to be “in-the-know” of tomorrows marketing tactics. This is NOT something you will find from most companies that hire college graduates and provide set services by paying staff members (developers) a salary. Drew constantly studies and researches. If a client is in a new industry, you better believe he’s going to spend more time researching than building your website.
  3. Smaller Network: Keeping the pricing on the high end allows this continual growth of education and knowledge to continue. Less clients in the portfolio allows Drew to maintain a high priority, not just on his studies, but dedication to every one of his clients. The downfall to us is that company growth IS limited and he knows that full-heartedly.
  4. Complete Solutions: NRCW offers the full marketing, publishing and customer support needed to maximize the client’s potential.

Based on demand and brand recognition of NRCW LLC, we are now offering a basic plan starting at $250 per month to accommodate the budget-minded potential customers (based on demand). Unfortunately Drew knows, based on many years of experience, that these particular clients will not be able to achieve the life/business-changing results that we are known best for without including all of the key aspects (all of our services) and a reasonable time investment towards marketing & communications.

If you’re hesitant to invest $the amount your company needs per month, you will not receive the full benefit Drew can provide you but you can still get simplified support and your own NRCW website solution. Drew charges $750 per hour for independent marketing consultation and you get this at no extra charge!

Ah, the infamous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) question. The market today is flooded with companies promising first page results for thousands or even hundreds of dollars. Some of their methods are flawed. Promises of owning the secret Google algorithms to link building and more. Drew knows every aspect, technique and method out there. He only uses fair practices in SEO management and takes a contractor approach by actually engineering your website to be SEO optimized from the very beginning.

He takes time making sure META data is in place, titles as well as alternative text is entered properly and devotes extensive time to preparing his clients’ websites for the long term.

This independently can be valued at over $2,500 per hour if he were to outsource his knowledge and skills but instead he includes this at no extra charge. When a major corporation pulls you aside to ask “how do you do it?”, Drew just smiles and asks if they want to partner for $50,000 or more per month. Usually they say no then stalk us. lol We should publish this story soon.


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