NRCW LLC is still a sole-proprietorship / small business. I devote time every day to learn the latest software, online resources, marketing skills and communication skills. I am a young and energetic entrepreneur. My core beliefs are to provide the customer with a valuable service at an affordable cost. I am ecstatic in my companys’ growth over the past few years, not necessarily monetarily but our portfolio, trusted clients, our progress, professional appearance and quality of service.


NRCW LLC is operated on the standards of 0 debt. I hope to continue to achieve great feats without incurring debts or risking investors money. I’ll admit this company will not be a fortune 500 company anytime soon but I do believe a small business should be independent, small (in terms of monopolization), useful, unique, trustworthy and operated only by someone who has the greatest passion possible for the work we do. I strongly uphold my beliefs to never, ever go for the quick sale or the dollar before the customer. I hope NRCW LLC starts a revolution in business practices, one that’s more personal and connected but yet professional and efficient. I try to communicate clearly when there are no hidden fees, no catches and simply keep my professional practices under , what I call a no bull policy!


My personal goal is to always strive to exceed our customers expectations and communicate clearly with my customers in order to build customer loyalty, customer trust, repeat business and word of mouth referrals.

Drew Eppley
Owner / CEO

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