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Free Chamber of Commerce

fcc-icoThe Free Chamber of Commerce
A free business resource being built from the ground up from NRCW LLC and national business owners looking to colaborate and network without paying a bucnh of money to regional or national organizations. TFCC doesn't offer all the benefits of a paid organization but with hopes and goals, this will set the open source attitude towards new business and provide a resource for all entrepreneurs from around the globe!

DJ FoxDawg

foxd-icoDJ FoxDawg
World Recognized for his outstanding production in high energy dance, trance and hardstyle music, DJ FoxDawg excels his skills based on the practices of DJs from the UK, Germany and France. He has always felt a passion for these genres of music and feels that this is the beginning of an American revolution to introduce these official party beats here in the states. "The Fox" is a laser, light, fog and intelligent lighting professional for NRCW LLC and Club MYX Studios Cincinnati. We are glad to have him here! His website is a composite of a fresh-starting website with a pretty nifty flash introduction. NRCW plans on focusing on the flash elements, training and software applications to expand our programming portfolio to even greater achievements!

School Bus Safety

sbsa-icoSchool Bus Safety Sandbox
This is our CEO (Mr. Drew Eppley)'s project. Developed as a central hub for the future ideas and productions (pending review of the administration) for a local school district. The overall plan is to redevelop the safety videos that the district (and possibly the state of Ohio) has in order to help spread the word about the dangers of school buses and improve safety. Not only will this be an invaluable resource for students, residents, parents and teachers; but the project will also scale the reputation of Drew and NRCW LLC's technology applications, video production and mass-scale project experience. Feel free to browse the website and follow the latest updates by RSS feed links provides on the site. Exciting!

NRCW LLC Training Services

tran-icoThis is an excellent demonstration project that will impress the smallest company to the largest university with a full-feature and open source software solution for online education. We have played around with the software for a few months and we are contemplating taking this project to a commercial by offering our methods and processes as an online course. If you wanted to create online courses in extreme detail providing online exams with unlimited potential as to how the questions are asked or how they are graded, don't hesitate to contact us today because our methods will save you thousands of dollars. Automate your staff member training! NRCW LLC takes pride in helping our customers save money and time in the near future.

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Owner's Insight

It takes a lot of time to build a commercial website solution even with amazing tools such as content management systems and software solutions. A truly professional website takes professional expertise, all around security, skills and most of all marketing.


Not many individuals can do everything I do. This allows me to charge less than bigger companies and gain the recognition and national attention.


The biggest factor is I don't take on any project and do a half-[done] job. This is why you can expect to pay only higher prices with my business and I stick to it with full dedication and proven success.

Drew Eppley
Owner / CEO

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