Our customers are the #1 reason we are successful today. They love our work and are willing to spread the word about NRCW LLC. Now existing customers have a way to lower the costs of their development by earning money by referring others to us!

The more people you refer; the more you make.

You can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars. We will pay up to one hundred dollars ($100) per referral. The sky is the limit to how much you can make. For each referral you send us that gets funded you will be paid twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each of the first five (5) referrals or $125.00 total; fifty dollars ($50.00) for each of the next five #6 – 10 or $250.00 total; and one hundred dollars ($100) each for each referral after you’ve referred ten (10) clients or more that are funded.

Word of mouth is our #1 most successful tool!

We write you a physical check when a referral partners. No catches!
1-3 referrals $25.00 each
4-9 referrals $50.00 each
10th referral and more $100.00 each

No selling involved. Simply refer individuals or businesses that need money to us with your unique referral identifier and we will do the rest. You don’t have to sell anything except to know and have contact with your referral as we may reference your name as the referrer.

Make more money:
You can make more and receive additional monthly residual income if you choose to become a broker. We will pay you up to 10% of our earned fee for every referral you send us for as long as they remain *active client and continue to receive funds.
As a referrer or broker, you are an Independent Contractor as the term is defined in the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, and not an employee of Factor Funding Company, its lenders, or related partners. Therefore, you may not represent yourself as such, nor use our name except as authorized and in writing. How you run your business is completely up to you.
However, as a broker you may be responsible for gathering pertinent and requisite documents in order to prepare any prospective client for funding.
How Does It Work?
Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Step 1. Sign up –to receive your unique referral number.
Step 2. Spread the word –by simply placing our logo, banner ads, or text link that we provide on your website, blog, email, newsletter, business card or other promotional materials.
Step 3. You make money –when visitors click on your banner ads, text links, email, newsletter or provides your unique number during initial interview or on their application form, you will get paid after they are funded.
Join now and start making money by helping others to get money simply by telling them about us and where to get the funds but without spending your dime. How cool is that? Click here.

I heard you actually pay your customers? What’s up with that?

In our 10 years of experience we have found the most difficult hurtle in our fields of work is communicating with our valued clients. Communication bumps exist for both larger corporations and small businesses. We make every client sign a customer action agreement that actually pays the customer (you) for their motivation and planning. This makes sure that we are providing the client with the maximum service hours allowed (we intentionally don’t allow these service hours to carry-over or roll over to the next month because they are extremely discounted and they are the motivator for the client to but the effort in to the project that we need to complete our work for that client.

Common Corporate Miscommunications

Multilevel management can be a communication nightmare. At NRCW LLC we require that the company CEO or Owner establishes Drew as a paid professional and his time is costing the company! Here are a few key issues we will prevent in the future:

Website project not the responsibility of the owner: Marketing department presents NRCW to company owner for approval and gets approved. Owner has no idea what’s going on! Disaster strikes when it comes to payments, process, getting things done (who’s in charge of getting us content) and total chaos. We are still working on a method to provide better communications to multilevel managed companies.
A corporation without organization would require a monthly in person meeting dedicated to NRCW.
Staff is on the company payroll and not NRCW’s payroll. Company priorities will take precedence over web priorities no matter what. This is a very bad misconception of corporations that have owners that do not understand today’s world of social media and web.

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