NRCW Analytic Consulting

Boost your competitive edge with NRCW Analytic Consulting

Overcome today’s increased competition, fragmented media, blurred retail channels and recessionary global economy with information and analysis that make your marketing and sales tactics as efficient as possible.

NRCW LLC offers expertise in analytics, statistical models and tools for improving the integrity of fact-based decisions. We work closely to combine our information with data from clients and other providers. If you partner with NRCW LLC for your data optomization, we will help you understand understand local market dynamics, sharing insights across your organization, and gaining foresight by simulating situations. Your company gains a comprehensive view of a changing marketplace.

Marketing ROI

With NRCW Networks, you can increase effectiveness for each element of the marketing mix by designing and applying ROI strategies to highly-targeted consumers.

With NRCW LLC you can focus on your targeted marketing. In a fragmented marketplace characterized by consumer diversity, identify key segments and how best to reach them.

Wouldn’t it be great for retailers and drop-shippers to optimize shelf space for manufacturers and retailers by understanding the true value of categories, segments, brands and items. Looking at your overall portfolio with the goal of expanding your profits, that’s your bottom line. Set optimal price and in-store promotions by understanding the balance necessary to achieve volume, profit and strategic goals. Make your next move one that pays off for the long run.Contact us today to learn more about marketing analytics.


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