Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Welcome aboard Cincinnati Automotive Inc

We're proud to announce our new partnership with Cincinnati Automotive Inc. and look forward to providing full and complete customized credit appication system as well as potentially a buy-it-online solutions.

Welcome aboard Cincinnati Transmission Specialists

Cincinnati Transmission Specialists is Cincinnati most respected transmission & automotive services company with two locations in Cincinnati. We look forward to this project to be marketing focused in a competitive industry!

Brute Force Attacks From Local Networks

NRCW Commercial Website Solutions takes great pride in our expertise and network security. When it comes to weeding out the automated bots and the human attempts to access restricted areas, it's pretty easy to tell. Today we received a very close-to-home Brute Force Flag from a local Time Warner Road Runner Business customer and it's got us both laughing and concerned at the same time. Roadrunner servers tend to route from their Akron hub.


Our Take on Spamhaus vs. CyberBunker

Over the past two weeks there has been a ton of attention on the open internet, rights and proactive organizations with positive intentions infringing on the freedom of the internet. Where does NRCW stand on this? Well, we strongly believe in an open and free internet. Two years ago one of our servers was in fact a victim of Spamhaus and their aggressive blocking. The accounts that were affected were on a shared server provided by JustHost. Yes we support JustHost strongly, even today. They are a great hosting provider and acted very quickly when Spamhaus flagged the server we were also hosting on. Just like most anyone with an email account, we hate SPAM emails!



Chinese Military's 'Global Hacking HQ Found'

We were right since we published our press release on October 4, 2012!

Read our original press release at

And see our facebook post at


An unassuming 12-storey building in a suburb of Shanghai has been identified as the possible headquarters of a global hacking operation allegedly run by the Chinese military.

According to Mandiant, an American computer security company, extensive evidence collated over three years points to a white tower block in Datong Road, in the Pudong district of the city.

The building is reportedly the headquarters of the People's Liberation Army Unit 61398.

Mandiant has spent several years working for a number of well-known multinational companies who all believe they have been victims of state-sponsored hacking.

Using evidence passed to its analysts by the multinationals, Mandiant has deciphered codes, analysed IP addresses and conducted a series of reverse-engineering processes.

"The details we have analysed during hundreds of investigations convince us that the groups conducting these (hacking) activities are based primarily in China and that the Chinese Government is aware of them," the report says.

The 74-page report - called Exposing one of China's Cyber Espionage Units - contains remarkable detail of the hacking operations.

Read The Full Article on Sky News:


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It takes a lot of time to build a commercial website solution even with amazing tools such as content management systems and software solutions. A truly professional website takes professional expertise, all around security, skills and most of all marketing.


Not many individuals can do everything I do. This allows me to charge less than bigger companies and gain the recognition and national attention.


The biggest factor is I don't take on any project and do a half-[done] job. This is why you can expect to pay only higher prices with my business and I stick to it with full dedication and proven success.

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