When it comes to choosing your website keywords, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always think like the customer when choosing keywords. A good exaple is a bank


Industry Goal / 
Looking To
Customer Intentions
Bank Lend Money

Borrow Money, Loans, Low APR

  Don’t Use These! Stay away from a “selfish” approach. Do use keywords about “What We Do”… The customer we want to target is looking for / to ________


Tip number one is don’t fall in love with your keywords. If you think that you are a baker and you need to have Philadelphia bakery as your term and that’s the only one you really want to go at, you’re probably missing a whole load of words that you can actually capitalize on and that aren’t as competitive. So don’t fall in love with your keywords. Make sure that you’re breaking is very broad and you can go in and you could take a look at all the different types of combinations that you can look at with your keywords. Just don’t fall in love with one or two keywords.


The next tip that we’re going to take a look at is get some variety. Don’t just rely on one tool. There’s a lot of tools out there right that can help you with your keyword research. So google has the AdWords tool that’s now public and you can see what kind of traffic that the words are getting on Google. Well, that’s great! Google’s giving that information but what about all those other places that might be having some keywords coming into their search engines. Another great tool that you got is keyword discovery from Trellian. So if you combine both keyword discovery from Trellian and Google AdWord, you got a powerful kind of look into what these keywords are doing. So get some variety when you’re looking at the actual numbers when you are looking for keyword research information.


And the third and final tip for today that we have is think like a costumer. Here’s an example. A bank is looking at their different keywords and they know that they lend money, so the most important word for them is lend money but the people who they are trying to target want to borrow money. So you want to make sure that you’re looking at your keyword from your costumer’s perspective, not from your perspective. Because when you look at it not selfish kind of direction, you’re not going to get to kind of traffic that you’re really wanting to have and if you’re going to put something in there about lend money, you might be looking at other banks come into your sight rather than actual costumers wanting to come and borrow money from you.



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