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NRCW LLC takes pride in not only professional software solutions and web server management but we also excel in personal computers and network servers as well as data recovery and network restoration. We handle everything from comprimed systems to recovering your family pictures and priceless business or personal information. Repairing a computer often costs well over $200. If you have a newer system and are satisfied with its capabilities, spending that much may make sense. But if you have an old computer that will soon become obsolete, you might be better off applying the money for repairs toward a new model.

As always the best piece of advice to everyone is to backup all your files using disks, an external hard drive or an online service (like Mozy). If you have not dealt with a crashed hard drive (you probably know someone who has) but chances are you will come across this situation in your lifetime! Today you can purchace an external 1 Terrabyte hard drive for as little as $90.

NRCW handles most every situation imaginable from computer optomization, installing RAM to recovering systems affected with a virus or malware. Sometimes permanent damage can occur from these viscious software applications and it is never intended to happen to anyone but often they can find their way into a system. NRCW LLC keeps up to date with security holes in PC systems and web applications. Although Windows(R) does an excellent job with their security updates, programs such as Flash, Java or PHP (often times these are hidden inside setup applications or even media files from torrents or untrusted sources) and they can provide backdoors to viruses and malware.

Having trouble browsing the internet? Adware is another type of computer virus that can disable a systems functionality. Often times these are not intended to disable systems completely but they can provide access for other viruses. Certain AdWare can target your system in a manner that requires you to pay for something in order to reenable functionality and get rid of the “fake virus”. NRCW LLC handles all of these situations and more.

We can provide these services to the Cincinnati Metro area. We offer on-location pickup inside the metro included in the diagnostics price or take an additional 15% off if you drop off your system. These are professional skilled quality services starting at $39.95 (compare that price to your local electronics store or computer repair specialist)! Availability to work on your system is based on availability so please call us at 513-531-NRCW for your free phone consultation. Please write down all the details you can about how your system is acting abnormally and any information that may assist us in discovering the problem more quickly.


PC Repair Guidelines & Pricing Ideas

Table 1—Low, Average, and High Prices Quoted for Computer Upgrade and Repair Jobs

Low, Average, and High Prices Quoted for Computer Upgrade and Repair Jobs1
Description Low price Average price High price
Add one gigabyte of memory to a Dell Dimension 9200 desktop computer [Doesn’t Include Parts] $17 $62 $139
Replace the power supply in an HP Pavilion Elite desktop computer $65 $109 $185
Install a customer-supplied DVD/CD-RW drive on an HP Pavilion Elite desktop computer [Doesn’t Include Parts] $15 $48 $125
Add a customer-supplied, secondary hard drive to a MacPro desktop computer  $10 $61 $150
Add three gigabytes of memory to a MacPro desktop computer [Doesn’t Include Parts] $70 $140 $250
1 For each job, shops were given additional detailed specifications.


If you know exactly what work you need the shop to perform, call us for a price quote. Sometimes we have to simply refuse to quote prices over the phone because the problem may not be known but can give you a range with the understanding that the price might rise if the work that needs to be done is different from what you’ve described. 

If you don’t know what’s needed, you’ll have to bring in your equipment for a diagnosis and estimate. We as many shops will apply the estimate fee to the cost of the repair if we do the work. Diagnosis and estimate fee is $65.




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