What is a Leased Content Website℠?

Hosting Crossword Stock PhotoLeased Content Website℠ was a term coined by NRCW LLC in the spring of 1998 as a way to provide customers with low or no up-front cost alternatives to developing $10,000 to $150,000+ projects.

It is one of the unique features about NRCW LLC that make our company stand out above any competitor. We have taken the monthly fee idea of those do-it-yourself projects and applied it to our large scale projects, not just geared towards modern web development, but primarily focused on marketing, advertising and promotion. We give you the responsibility of us earning your trust and respect because our reputation and revenue is earned over the lifetime you are our client. Service and support hours are included in your monthly payment (most competitors charge $50 to $100 an hour for these services alone). At this time Search Engine Optimization is also included in all web projects (a $250 to $750 a month value)!

Your website solution is leased intellectual property. NRCW LLC does not use any of the data on your website but rather owns the production for the duration of our partnership. We credit up to 25% of your payment towards the actual value of your project so that you may purchase the complete solution at any time but while you are a valued customer, your Drew Eppley - Consultation Professionalmonthly fee pays for full support, additional services and website updates. This is the business model that is unique to NRCW LLC. We can provide you the high quality development, training and support while you only pay one set monthly rate compared to the competition. This keeps our clients loyal and helps us upkeep the premium support to you in hopes of being recognized as the best web developer company in the world! Best of all, there’s no up-front cost to develop a customized commercial website.

We estimate your project cost, develop your website and maintain it for one set monthly fee. No worrying about hours, no worrying about paying more than your monthly fee. If we are devoting more hours than originally estimated, you get a discount on those additional hours! It is a credit based system with no upfront cost to develop (some call it a free website but we still own it till it is paid for). Not to mention our development costs alone are up to 50% off the competition!


Case Studies


Example #1

Drew Eppley Holding Up CINCYAHL.COM

Client: Cincinnati Adult Hockey Leagues
Original Traffic:     ~150 Visitors Per Month
2012 Traffic: ~4,750 Visitors Per Month
Package: Corporate


Our client is a local hockey league. Let’s call this client Tommy. Tommy has a basic HTML website and comes across NRCW LLC. Fortunately the company owner of NRCW LLC, he plays a lot of ice hockey and offers Tommy a website in exchange for ice time and a monthly fee to cover costs. The offer includes up to 5 hours of one on one support (this would usually cost upwards of $80 an hour with any competitor), hosting, development, design and everything is included. It can sound too good to be true, we don’t deny that!

Requested development includes an easy to update website to post the schedules on, a community based messaging system, approved users can upload photos, all registrants must provide their contact information to better help keep track of league dues, featured articles, a forum, player application form, about us pages, links to maps of the rinks and more.

Typically if you were to go to another web developer, how much would all of this cost? A few hundred dollars? A few thousand dollars or more? It is very likely it may cost upwards of $15,000 to $45,000. The reason these complex
websites (which NRCW LLC calls web solutions or “projects” in this case) the cost is found in the incredible amount of time involved in developing and customizing a solution to meet the need of the client. Even with a pre-build Content Management System, you can expect anywhere from 60 to 250 hours of time investment before it is ready for the public (specifically the interactive social and corporate websites we specialize in)!

Drew Eppley - Playing Goalie!What NRCW does is we have Tommy sign a few years contract for a percentage of the true value of the project. This is the clients only commitment and the price is negotiated up front using a quote. Let’s say the project (solution) cost a total of $12,500. Tommy’s monthly fee would be based on either a two or a ten year payment (the longer the contract the lower the overall cost but the longer you must stay with us to own your project).

Let’s use a ten year example because Tommy knows our work and our reputation but is also on a tight quarterly budget: $12,500 / 10 years = $1250.00 per year or $104.17 per month + usually about 2 hours of full support, maintenance, on call 24/7, design and everything else we do (depending on your package). If Tommy only uses $100 for service, hosting and maintennance every month, he is credited towards the purchace of the initial development. Once the 2 or ten year plan matures, all that is left is to pay for the continuing service (discounted of course). This project would cost about $160 per month for 10 years or about $2,250 per month for 2 years then it’s his to do as he wants or continue using NRCW LLC for support, hosting and marketing. Compare this project estimate to hiring web developers, data entry personell, graphic designers, IT specialists, program developers etc. for one year!

Plus you get peace of mind that there is always someone on standby for you! This service is included in the montlhy payment. We tell our clients to compare a few hundred dollars a month to hiring a full time developer or paying by the hour (which is usually upwards of $80 to $140 an hour alone).

Need Proof or a Reference? Call Tommy now at 513-604-6777 and let them know you’re checking out references for partnering with Drew Eppley / NRCW LLC!


Support, Service, Training and Troubleshooting

It’s included in your monthly fee. This is a variable “hours per month” amount depending on what features you want to implement into your project. This is a required aspect of NRCW LLC because without your project always updated and working properly, we would loose our reputation and this is a vital aspect in search engine rankings too. With this unique NRCW LLC policy you will not have to worry about paying any hourly fees or worry about a website going down. ONE MONTHLY RATE. PERIOD!


What about bandwidth?

Included. Unless you are implementing an incredibly high-bandwidth solution (like hosted video) or receive millions of visits, this will be included in your monthly fee! Don’t worry, if you are implementing a high bandwidth solution, NRCW LLC will definitely go over all available options before you partner with us on a large bandwidth project.


What’s a Leased Content Website℠? What’s the catch?


Two specific resons why we do this:

1. Clients need motivation to keep their content updated. The importance of having FRESH content on a regular basis is is astronomical when it comes to search engine rankings. No matter what, our hardest thing to do is motivate clients to send regular updates. The few that follow our suggestions are the few that succeed big time (thus we succeed at our marketing and recognition too)!

2. With no upfront cost it gives our clients the security that we are working for them all the time. We have to EARN our monthly payment over the course of our partnership. The opportunity to leave NRCW Companies with a two month notice and go somewhere else means all original development hours are “lost” and the clients never have to pay for that. This is only possible while Drew Eppley is the sole-proprietor of NRCW Commercial Website Solutions (because he doesn’t have to pay himself minimum wage)! It’s a guarantee you will never be able to find with larger companies!


Now here’s the deal:

A. Intellectual property always remains the property of NRCW LLC while you are a partner with us. If you terminate your partnership (with a two month notice), your content can’t be used by yourself or by us but the production will remain the property of NRCW LLC. If it is important to you that you have the ability to move your entire site legally for any reason we will gladly contract with you as a professional developer but the monthly payments will not be an option.

B. All content must be hosted on NRCW LLC’s servers.

C. Approval for certain implementations will require systems administrator approval. Usually we will never block a client from implementing a plugin or component inside their installation but because we put the trust in the client to remain our customers indefinitely, we will maintain the control of the development.

Reasoning: We could not offer custom websites starting at $250 if we did not enact this policy. Remember; because we “pay” for the cost of the work for you up front, it is our job to uphold a lifetime of quality support and customer relations to get the full value for our time invested. If you don’t like us for any reason, simply give a two month notice (it’s never happened).


Our Built In Guarantee!

If you are ever unhappy for any reason we will fix the problem or you can simply cancel the website project and owe nothing more (you would NOT be able to keep the website but understand that you will also not have had to pay the full amount). Two months advance notice required. See a real example of how this has worked for one of our clients by reading Insurance for Your Website!


Insurance for Your Website

Here is two real-life examples of why Leased Content Solutions work for comapnies of all sizes:


Example #1 – Business Closed

The SphereThe Sphere (AB Marketing LLC), aka the temporarily re-branded Sports Plus Cincinnati, partnered with us to do a commercial web project for two years but after 9 months all of a sudden management changed and they brought with them an in house developer and affiliates. The Sphere had no commitment, no more outstanding balance and no debt!

There was no real use for any of the content they had published, however we own all the content so we can re-license stock photography, the template etc. Intellectual property & private customer data was destroyed securely. We handled the domain name sale. We put forward this as a part of all leased content websites and today it has shown success! It’s like insurance on your website and it paid off for The Sphere! We are also happy to mention they were extremely satified with our partnership while it lasted. See our testimonials for proof.

We will admit we did loose money in recognition, advertising and time investment but I believe this Leased Content Solutions™ idea is a golden and promising new vision unlike any other web marketing company in the world!

Total Project Value = $43,500
Total Invested by the client = Only $1,000 Cash Value ($7,500 with bartered office space and services)

No court case or contract settlement warranted.


Example #2 – Freedom to Do-It-Yourself

Mid America BallyardMid America Ballyard learned enough through NRCW LLC training and marketing services to start a WordPress project on their own. Unfortunately they will be paying more in the long term but it was their decision. They did not give a two months notice but we forgave the debt as the winter season is not great for outdoor softball.

Total Project Value = $18,240
Total Invested = $1,850




“I will be promoting this value-added policy a lot more now that it has shown proven success. Clients fear the fact that they don’t own their content? Well hopefully you have a document in your office that says what the about us page says on your website, your staff contact info etc? Clients have the option to pay the remaining sum in bulk if an emergency does happen and they want the full website project too. All we are doing is building trust and a relationship of ongoing service by showing you the work before it’s paid in full (as other developers do).”

– Drew Eppley / CEO



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