Motivating busy clients is a major key to our largest success stories. Self-motivation is your #1 asset to being successful in your online presence. Based on experience, we can only tell clients what to do but from that point on it’s up to the client to believe & trust in our experience, knowledge and reputation in order to follow through on our suggestions. Only you can make the most of your partnership with NRCW LCWS. So how can you get the most value for your investment?

  • Email updates to us every week!
  • Share problems and goals regarding specific areas, services or products your are encountering
  • Don’t be afraid to share ideas regarding design layouts, colors and graphic changes.
  • Utilize the NRCW Project Management Console
  • Send us an outline for publishing content related to your industry. Have existing staff write articles.
  • Focus on topics that are all about your business. This can be both positive and negative topics such as an ice rink having mechanical difficulties: Document, photograph and talk about how that system works, people love it!
  • Put together SWOT analysis against your topics of choice.
  • Suggest ideas outside the box. Not everything we have is related to your website. As a marketing consultant, Drew is actually more successful in innovation outside the “server box” but puts his ideas together in a web format most of the time.


  • Honest & open communication is what sets us apart. We don’t treat clients like most companies do, we engineer a personal relationship, build trust and incorporate consultation and experience. Tell us what you think. This is one reason we proudly maintain an A+ BBB Accreditation.
  • Think like a publisher. Send us original content related to your industry. We’ll take care of the rest on your website and social media platforms.
  • THINK BIG. Are you in an industry that could benefit from a smartphone app or a Facebook app?
  • Think NEWS. What’s newsworthy about your company. It could be as big as a national award or as small as a paragraph about one of your employees giving them recognition for doing something great either on the job or off!


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