Leased Content Websites℠ (LCW℠) are the complete intellectual property of NRCW LLC. In exchange for the ownership of content, client hereby agrees to pay for services only until the deadline is met (usually a two year partnership).

If the leased content agreement has not matured, upon decision to purchase website, client must pay the initial development cost minus any earned credit (the purchase value, which is stated on their most recent annual review) over the course of their LCS℠ Agreement.

If a timeline is not issued on your printed documentation, your website, by default, is subject to a two-year payoff agreement.

Depending on personal contracts whereas if those contracts exist shall take precedence over this general contract terms of service, the month-to-month value and/or minimum payment may increase or decrease over time if services rendered are less than the amount paid.

Additional Work

Clients will be asked to pay for any additional work (at a discounted rate) outside the listed number of service hours on your project.


Cancellation requires a minimum of two full months notice because we pay for dedicated hosting in advance it is mandatory for clients to notify us in advance so we can plan accordingly however if your contract period has not been attained including your two months notice, the web project (and associated projects, data, photos, content etc. done under the agreement) are not the property of the client and a final value fee will be requested if client wishes to keep the website and work.

If the two month notice has been given, on or before the date of the third month client is free to leave NRCW services without any additional payments but please keep in mind you may not continue to use our work anywhere for any reason (including our photography on another website or any other digital OR PRINT media).

NRCW LLC reserves the right to cancel, discontinue, delete, modify or change any content under a leased content agreement at any time for any reason or no reason at all.

Addendum 12/4/2011

You may keep your Facebook, Twitter or any other third party accounts once all content has been removed or approved in writing by NRCW LLC in accordance with this agreement. Content posted by NRCW LLC may continue to be linked to (or you may request we remove that content that is hosted by us on our websites and third-party social websites if you so choose to do so).


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