cdaudio unmountNRCW LLC’s owner is the proud to have been working in the field of live audio broadcasting for over 15 years. As a teenager with a dream to become a radio DJ, Drew set up his first shoutcast and windows media servers by the age of 10. Today he works in a wide variety of applications from Helix and windows media to icecast, darwin and more.

Because in today’s age of broadband streaming media, most of our commercial work is now focused on video broadcast media. With the affordable aspect of audio streaming solutions in mind, this is an excellent resource for individuals or groups who have always wanted to get their voice heard. From starting your own talk show to streaming live audio from local clubs and music halls, NRCW LLC is the surefire solution to provide you with reliable quality work that is always ahead of the competition.

  • Red 5
  • Helix Server Technologies (Helix Community)
  • Flash Media Server
  • Icecast
  • QuickTime Broadcaster
  • SHOUTcast
  • VideoLAN
  • Windows Media Encoder
  • Windows Media Services
  • Many More!

As we move more in to the video era of web technologies you can expect more from NRCW LLC!

Contact us today to develop a custom solution to fit your needs!

More Information:

See Video Server Solutions


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