Private Domain Name Registration

NRCW LLC has offered our clients private registrations since 2000 due to the regular abuse of public domain name registration data being used for SPAM and unlawful marketing. We believe our clients should be able to keep their personal contact information private when they partner with us; also domian names operated by NRCW LLC are the property of NRCW LLC while our clients are in a Leased Content Website Agreement. We do not offer our private domain name registration to outside clients. However not all content is published by us so if you wish to report a website that is violating a trademark, sending spam, or is defamatory, libelous, or contains morally objectionable content, please email with the following information:

Nature of Complaint
Domain Name(s) at issue:
Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Affected company or individual:
Phone number:
Law firm name (if you are an attorney):
Federal trademark registration number (if applicable for trademark violations)
Any additional information:

Clients do have the opportunity to have thier own, private email address for their domain name. Clients decide whether to have email forwarded directly to your personal account, filtered for spam before forwarding, or never forwarded at all. This limits your exposure to people seeking to obtain and exploit your personal information, while allowing you to receive email without ever exposing your personal email address or identity. If a clients domain name expires without private registration, the WHOIS data remains linked to your personal information. The next person to register it can ascertain your email address and other personal contact information not to mention that your email address is surly archived in many domain name records that are now permanent on the internet, well after you have lost control of that domain name. When you add private registration, it is effective for all eternity!


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