NRCW Copyrighting & Digital Publishing is geared towards creating and selling digital versions of text for your website as well as publishing for magazines, brochures, books and newspapers.

We produce digital editions of your work with no need to buy any software, just send us your PDFs and we will turn them around to your deadlines. We create iPad, iPhone and Android-based digital editions. We have one streamlined process which transforms publications into e-editions for portable devices. We provide technical services to help you sort out all those tricky areas that come with digital editions. We host, we secure publications, we connect to payment processing.

We offer consultancy to help you transition print titles into digital. We work with some of the biggest B2B publishers, specialist consumer publishers and membership organisations. But no business or title is too small—just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. 513-531-NRCW


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