Resource Potential Research™

Soon to be renamed as the NRCW Edge Marketing Process™

We call it RPR™. Researching the potential for additional profits from the resources provided. Current applications include the entire NRCW Broadcasting company as it was created from the idea of a handy camera, a computer and the internet.

Now NRCW Broadcasting is expanding into a professional company with upgraded software, hosted video solutions and more but because we took the time to research this goldmine, it now had the opportunity to expand into a profitable resource, and it is! Encompass the complete NRCW knowedge base without buying the company.

Let’s look at an ice center. NRCW LLC RPR™ contributions that have been followed through include focusing on internal advertising – increased revenue, offer live entertainment at skate – the interest has sparked up so much that every time we go to set up video we get asked “Are you the DJ”. We expect this one to increase attendance. Allow us to advertise based on comission – advertising is everywhere and interest is fast expanding!

Starting at $20 per hour and 50% gross revenue increase or $250 / hr flat rate.


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