What makes a leading brand that has the most word-of-mouth referrals in the industry? Keeping it small of course! NRCW LLC is designed to handle a small amount of qualified clients as a one-on-one partnership and not currently geared towards any number of clients. That's wight! We're a sole proprietorship still today. That means there is a waiting list typically and not all potential clients are accepted. Truly quality over quantity!

Flexible Layouts

Gantry 5 benefits from a flexible and intuitive, drag & drop layout manager. You can add as many rows and blocks to each section as you desire, and configure their distance to intervals of 1%.

Each block has individual controls, such as an autocomplete select box for box variations, as well as individual CSS fields.


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Everything Is Included in Your LCWS™ Package!

LCWS Included Services

Multimedia Services

Pro Video Production

In partnership with NRCW TV, we are offering a great deal on video production for businesses of all sizes. Create a green screen commercial or other video for your website, YouTube or Facebook and attract a ton of attention! All recording service, setup, equipment, production and revisions are included for up to 3.5 hours!

Studio Location: Kennedy Heights, Ohio

Why choose NRCW TV? We provide mobile Dolby Digital EAX Advanced HD 24 bit audio and advanced technological advancements that will enhance the interactivity of any event or venue broadcast or recording. It really can bring your professional commercial audio system alive! We require very little space and we are optimized for internet and broadcast quality streaming media.

We work BEST with your own professional video* and audio equipment, including HD video but we can provide all the tools for handling your project at standard broadcast quality. ( Buy the T-Shirt in this Picture Now! ) NRCW LLC Sports & Event Broadcasting NRCW LLC and Club MYX Studios Cincinnati, OH expand on their video production to live broadcasting.

Partnered with CAHL Hockey League you will see us expand on or abilities and professionalism weekly. Expect big things to come from this great new technology. In conjunction with our website projects we are bringing this to you live on and (our two biggest projects).

Don’t take our word for it. Look at our photo portfolio now at

Professional Photography

NRCW Professional Photography has been around since June of 2009. We make the best impression of your business or organization and integrate this in to your website. When needed, NRCW Staff will travel to your local office in the Cincinnati area and take professional photos for your website.

NRCW Professional Photography has been around since June of 2009. We make the best impression of your business or organization and integrate this in to your website. When needed, NRCW Staff will travel to your local office in the Cincinnati area and take professional photos for your website.




NRCW Copyrighting & Digital Publishing is geared towards creating and selling digital versions of text for your website as well as publishing for magazines, brochures, books and newspapers.

We produce digital editions of your work with no need to buy any software, just send us your PDFs and we will turn them around to your deadlines. We create iPad, iPhone and Android-based digital editions. We have one streamlined process which transforms publications into e-editions for portable devices. We provide technical services to help you sort out all those tricky areas that come with digital editions. We host, we secure publications, we connect to payment processing.

We offer consultancy to help you transition print titles into digital. We work with some of the biggest B2B publishers, specialist consumer publishers and membership organizations. But no business or title is too small—just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. 513-531-NRCW

Graphic Design

NRCW LLC has invested thousands of dollars in design software. We take pride in having the latest in open-source technology and design applications. As we excel in our abilities, we will advance in the world of graphic design.

NRCW Design is a web design studio based in Cincinnati, OH. We offer complete graphic design, web design, and other web services to the world. We deliver expert solutions for small, medium and large projects, based on the best web design practices including standard compliant XHTML websites, dynamic database-driven ecommerce websites, web applications, interactive flash websites and web services. All with fresh look and cutting edge technology that enables you to achieve more.

* Collegiate Athletic IDs
* Corporate Logos
* Event IDs
* Sports Team IDs
* Digital Imaging Vectors
* Print Media
* Marketing Materials

Ready to take the next steps? Contact us today with your budget and project goals. Make your business, group, project or organization grow like a wildfire! Welcome to NRCW Design.

Live Audio Broadcasting Solutions

NRCW LLC’s owner is the proud to have been working in the field of live audio broadcasting for over 15 years. As a teenager with a dream to become a radio DJ, Drew set up his first shoutcast and windows media servers by the age of 10. Today he works in a wide variety of applications from Helix and windows media to icecast, darwin and more.

Because in today’s age of broadband streaming media, most of our commercial work is now focused on video broadcast media. With the affordable aspect of audio streaming solutions in mind, this is an excellent resource for individuals or groups who have always wanted to get their voice heard. From starting your own talk show to streaming live audio from local clubs and music halls, NRCW LLC is the surefire solution to provide you with reliable quality work that is always ahead of the competition.

  • Red 5
  • Helix Server Technologies (Helix Community)
  • Flash Media Server
  • Icecast
  • QuickTime Broadcaster
  • SHOUTcast
  • VideoLAN
  • Windows Media Encoder
  • Windows Media Services
  • Many More!

As we move more in to the video era of web technologies you can expect more from NRCW LLC! Contact us today to develop a custom solution to fit your needs!

Broadcast Solutions

NRCW LLC’s owner is the proud to have been working in the field of live audio broadcasting for over 15 years. As a teenager with a dream to become a radio DJ, Drew set up his first shoutcast and windows media servers by the age of 10. Today he works in a wide variety of applications from Helix and windows media to icecast, darwin and more.

Because in today’s age of broadband streaming media, most of our commercial work is now focused on video broadcast media. With the affordable aspect of audio streaming solutions in mind, this is an excellent resource for individuals or groups who have always wanted to get their voice heard. From starting your own talk show to streaming live audio from local clubs and music halls, NRCW LLC is the surefire solution to provide you with reliable quality work that is always ahead of the competition.

  • Red 5
  • Helix Server Technologies (Helix Community)
  • Flash Media Server
  • Icecast
  • QuickTime Broadcaster
  • SHOUTcast
  • VideoLAN
  • Windows Media Encoder
  • Windows Media Services
  • Many More!

As we move more in to the video era of web technologies you can expect more from NRCW LLC!

Contact us today to develop a custom solution to fit your needs!

Support & Training Services

In-Person Training Services

When you want to do it yourself to save on long-term expenses, training internally is your key to do so. No matter if you’re a big business like Apple, Sun or IBM or a small business with the staff and resources, you can learn the tricks of NRCW LLC and content management systems like Joomla. Learn with Drew Eppley, a Grade A consultant and 15 year expert in marketing and online platforms, especially SEO and social media.

You can learn with us too. With full service one-on-one training, you’ll have access to customized help, direction, resources and strategy to support your companies training exercises with the best Joomla support available in Cincinnati. If you just want training, contact us for a quote. If you want a website and everything else too, check out our insanely low pricing!

Information & Technology Services

Server-Side Optimization

There are several configuration settings both in IIS and various server software / operating systems from cPanel on Linux to Windows, Citrix and more that can help improve the server-side performance of your website or business networking. We at NRCW LLC can assist you and your server administrators in adjusting (tweaking) several of these settings as well as go over some of the best practices when working with specific platforms and data.

Sometimes security and performance are a balancing point and many server-side optimization companies do not take into consideration server security. We can analyze your current setup top to bottom and give you a variety of options and/or way to improve performance and/or enhance security based on your needs, your requirements and your resources in general. When you need the bigger picture, seek NRCW LLC as your #1 choice for getting the most accurate picture from various perspectives and not rely on those claiming to boost your hardware and software performance alone!

Facebook Application Programming Interface

Website Security

SSL, Payment Gateways and More! NRCW LLC specializes in SSL (HTTPS), payment gateways, and much more for your data collection and secure payment processing solutions! Call 513-531-NRCW today to get started on your next project!

Computer Repair

Computer and Server Repair Services

NRCW LLC takes pride in not only professional software solutions and web server management but we also excel in personal computers and network servers as well as data recovery and network restoration. We handle everything from comprimed systems to recovering your family pictures and priceless business or personal information. Repairing a computer often costs well over $200. If you have a newer system and are satisfied with its capabilities, spending that much may make sense. But if you have an old computer that will soon become obsolete, you might be better off applying the money for repairs toward a new model.

As always the best piece of advice to everyone is to backup all your files using disks, an external hard drive or an online service (like Mozy). If you have not dealt with a crashed hard drive (you probably know someone who has) but chances are you will come across this situation in your lifetime! Today you can purchace an external 1 Terrabyte hard drive for as little as $90.

NRCW handles most every situation imaginable from computer optomization, installing RAM to recovering systems affected with a virus or malware. Sometimes permanent damage can occur from these viscious software applications and it is never intended to happen to anyone but often they can find their way into a system. NRCW LLC keeps up to date with security holes in PC systems and web applications. Although Windows(R) does an excellent job with their security updates, programs such as Flash, Java or PHP (often times these are hidden inside setup applications or even media files from torrents or untrusted sources) and they can provide backdoors to viruses and malware.

Having trouble browsing the internet? Adware is another type of computer virus that can disable a systems functionality. Often times these are not intended to disable systems completely but they can provide access for other viruses. Certain AdWare can target your system in a manner that requires you to pay for something in order to reenable functionality and get rid of the “fake virus”. NRCW LLC handles all of these situations and more.

We can provide these services to the Cincinnati Metro area. We offer on-location pickup inside the metro included in the diagnostics price or take an additional 15% off if you drop off your system. These are professional skilled quality services starting at $39.95 (compare that price to your local electronics store or computer repair specialist)! Availability to work on your system is based on availability so please call us at 513-531-NRCW for your free phone consultation. Please write down all the details you can about how your system is acting abnormally and any information that may assist us in discovering the problem more quickly.

PC Repair Guidelines & Pricing Ideas

Table 1—Low, Average, and High Prices Quoted for Computer Upgrade and Repair Jobs

DescriptionLow priceAverage priceHigh price
Add one gigabyte of memory to a Dell Dimension 9200 desktop computer [Doesn’t Include Parts]$17$62$139
Replace the power supply in an HP Pavilion Elite desktop computer$65$109$185
Install a customer-supplied DVD/CD-RW drive on an HP Pavilion Elite desktop computer [Doesn’t Include Parts]$15$48$125
Add a customer-supplied, secondary hard drive to a MacPro desktop computer $10$61$150
Add three gigabytes of memory to a MacPro desktop computer [Doesn’t Include Parts]$70$140$250

Low, Average, and High Prices Quoted for Computer Upgrade and Repair Jobs1
1 For each job, shops were given additional detailed specifications.

If you know exactly what work you need the shop to perform, call us for a price quote. Sometimes we have to simply refuse to quote prices over the phone because the problem may not be known but can give you a range with the understanding that the price might rise if the work that needs to be done is different from what you’ve described. 

If you don’t know what’s needed, you’ll have to bring in your equipment for a diagnosis and estimate. We as many shops will apply the estimate fee to the cost of the repair if we do the work. Diagnosis and estimate fee is $65.

Email Solutions

NRCW is devoted to the success of your business. With NRCW’s Email Solution Packages, you can rest assured you will never have to worry about accidental deletion, tedious archive retrieval or frustrating mobile devices again so you will never lose any of your important business communications – GUARANTEED! We have around-the-clock support and real-time synchronization services suited to fit your business requirements.

Business Class Email Solutions

Managed Email Services

NRCW is devoted to the success of your business. With NRCW’s Email Solution Packages, you can rest assured you will never have to worry about accidental deletion, tedious archive retrieval or frustrating mobile devices again so you will never lose any of your important business communications – GUARANTEED! We have around-the-clock support and real-time synchronization services suited to fit your business requirements. Whether your business requires hosted email services or email synchronization with mobile devices, NRCW has a solution for you. Try one of our new IMAP plans and access your emails from any system whenever and wherever you want. 


Setup & Create Business Email Accounts –
Advanced Spam Filtering
Setup Company Signatures
Webmail & Mobile Access SUBSCRIPTION PLANS*

Subscription Price$4.95 per month$14.95 per month$34.95 per monthCall forFREE Quote
Storage1 GB2 GB6 GB10 GB+
Attachments10 MB15 MB25 MB50 MB+
Online Backup
SPAM Filter
Auto Response
Mail Forward
Alias Setup
Email Management
Online Support24/7/365
Phone Support9-4pm PST

*To ask about any features not listed above, contact: 
Why Choose NRCW’s Hosted Email Solutions?

NRCW uses only the best and latest technologies to provide your business with reliable, efficient and affordable Email Services. We comply with industry standards and protocols bringing value and functionality to your business communication needs.

NRCW uses the highest level of Email Encryption Services for any message transfers with top-of-the-line Anti-SPAM filtering agents, which include Anti-virus, Anti-worm and content & image control. When it comes to safety, NRCW stays ahead of the game.

Check out our new Email Continuity Programs in collaboration with NRCW Online Backup, and have your emails automatically backed up on a secure, offsite server on your time, all the time.

What is IMAP, POP3 & SMTP?IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol – is a protocol used for retrieving messages from an online email server and bringing them to your local email client (or email application) while leaving your messages on the email server. The server remains the administrative source for all of your messages, which can help your business greatly in cases of accidental deletion. IMAP also provides support for online and offline operation.POP3 – Post Office Protocol – is the most commonly used protocol for retrieving messages from an online email server. Once you have retrieved your messages via POP3 from a server to your local email client, you can only see those messages on the system that you used to initially retrieve them.

Therefore, the main difference between IMAP and POP3 is that when you configure an email client for IMAP you can access your emails from absolutely any system, whereas with POP3 you can only access the retrieved messages with the local email client – i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc…SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – is an Internet protocol used for sending your messages to the email server. All email clients are configured for SMTP in order to send messages to the email server, where in turn the server sends the messages to desired host recipient also via SMTP.

Ad Servers

Hosted Ad Servers

NRCW LLC is also a full service internet advertising agency. We manage or even implement solutions into your own website at unbelievable pricing. Not only can you become a part of the NRCW Networks and sell advertising through one of the fastest growing networks but you can start your own IAB Compliant ad server!

We adhere to strict IAB Compliant Internet Marketing Specifications

Web-Based Software Solutions

NRCW LLC is an established software development company delivering website design and web based application development services of any complexity to clients worldwide. NRCW LLC has a strong reputation growing on ten years of experience.

We have a strong team of skilled and experienced software engineers to provide you the best solution to satisfy the growing needs of your organization. We build software solutions the way you work, the way you want.

Our work is tailored to best suit your growing business needs, ranging from custom website design to a complex intranet systems. Our methodology is to study your requirements in details and then we design a system to suit your current requirements, keeping in mind the future growth of the organization. We build the solutions based on extensive business domain knowledge with technology competency and proven methodologies to deliver high quality results in a cost-effective manner to maximize your competitive advantage and productivity. We provide solutions to all your needs starting from business website for your organization to a complete intranet ERP & CRM solution to take care of your business requirements. We have vast domain knowledge & expertise with an experienced team of analyst and engineers to provide you a perfect solution for your business needs.

We use a project management model of development to ensure a timely delivery of quality product. We have a dedicated quality department which monitors the complete development cycle to deliver the best quality product. We target Customer Satisfaction through Quality products and the best service possible. We very much believe in the principle that ‘Customer is satisfied by best ROI’, hence we deliver the best quality software at very Competitive Price.

We realize that most projects, even seemingly complex ones are based on technologies that are quite mature and readily available. Therefore, success of a project is very rarely a matter of having the necessary technical expertise. Rather, it is a matter of having the necessary project management skills. These skills guarantee success through detailed specifications and a time schedule that is attainable. The way the project team is structured plays a major role how it functions and the success of the project depends on planning, estimating and delivering process.

For every project, the sole responsibility is assigned to a Qualified Project Manager who manages the complete cycle, interacts with different people involved and leads to successful and timely completion of the project.

Website Design & Development

We have a team of Creative Artists to give a unique look to your website. We create designs based on new ideas and drawings which are worked out by our designers creatively, then a design is selected to suite your requirements perfectly. Thus the complete website is designed professionally to create a unique impression on visitors. Our website design and development services consist of

  • E-commerce Website (B2B & B2C)
  • Corporate & Business Websites
  • Social Networking & Community websites
  • Content Management System
  • Blogs & Forums
  • Flash & Graphics Design
  • Logo Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Online Payroll and Timeclock Solutions
  • Web Application Development

This offering consists of web based custom software development projects. With our strong and experienced team of analysts and engineers, we have executed successfully web based application software development projects. Our strategy for project development is anchored in a phased approach. This let us establish a clear set of goals that ensure the quality of work is maintained throughout the entire development process.

Our consultants start by working closely with your team to understand your needs and your culture. The solutions we develop are grounded in sound development strategies that will support and enhance all your integral business objectives. Then we go to the drawing board literally. Our team of programmers, engineers, strategists, graphic designers and consultants work together to create a complete end-to-end solution that is compelling and dynamic. We develop our solutions to your specific business objectives and your complete satisfaction.

Often in Industrial environment, the needs of your organization cannot be adequately addressed by even a complex ERP, off-the-shelf solution. In many industries, complex business rules or regulatory requirements are not met by standard application packages.

There is a need to map your business processes with the processes available in an ERP solution. Then the gap is to be filled in. NRCW LLC has expertise in filling this gap. We have a strong and experienced team of engineers with solid domain knowledge to do this task. A team is assigned to your project to study the requirements in details and prepare a gap report, then this report is reviewed along with your experts to make a final document. Then the complete project is planned with your team.

We offer…

  • ERP Implementation and Customization
  • CRM Implementation and Customization
  • Interface Software Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Report Development
  • Report Customization

Please Contact Us to view our Enterprise Solutions portfolio.

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Social Application API & Development

Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Stay connected to your customers on the go with a custom application development for mobile devices!

Mobile applications offer a more customized personal experience than just a mobile-friendly website, and can provide many advantages.

Examples Include:

  • Unique user experiences
  • Increased lead generation
  • Increased user interaction
  • Customized content delivery

Mobile Development Process

As with all our services, application development always starts with marketing research and an assessment of client goals. We look at what users need to be able to do with the application then plan features and functionality.

Features Include:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Multimedia delivery
  • Location Awareness (GPS)
  • Mobile Fundraising & eCommerce Potential

Once the purpose and scope of the application are outlined, our mobile interface designers create mockups that illustrate every possible interaction a mobile customer might experience while using the app.

Meanwhile, our app developers are hard at work laying the framework for these seamless user experiences, ensuring compatibility with the most popular versions of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Mobile Websites and Apps

Mobile Website Solutions

With our Web Design, Development, Marketing and Branding service, we can take your business to the next level.

Whether you wish to leverage your existing website design or delve into the high-growth up-and-coming industry that is mobile, we can help. With mobile usage and revenues rising with each day and dramatic growth forecasted, mobile may very well need to be a part of your digital strategy. We can design for a range of mobile platforms, including everything from iPhones to Blackberries. Extend existing functionalities to cell phones and handhelds or break into the portable web with features and pages designed exclusively for mobile usage.

Live Online Chat

Communicating with your customers through your website is a great way to interact personally with potential clients and help existing ones. Online Chat is a very useful and valuable aspect to a company’s website when it is implemented properly. With this feature, customers can start and develop a lasting relationship with your organization from the comfort of their computer.

Online chat functions with incredible ease by allowing customers on your website to contact you through an email that is presented in front of them, or get immediate feedback through the live chat feature. Given the option to send an email request for information, a customer is able to take 30 seconds to fill in the required fields and get on with their day. Using this strategy, your customer will be satisfied with the visit to your site and will be informed shortly after your company sends them a detailed response.

Live chat allows customers to have direct response discussions with your company, while still having the ability to surf your website and gather interest in other products or services. This also diverts the customer from telephone hold times, being transferred a dozen times and losing interest in the product all together.

Whether the customer has a very general question that takes one minute, or a more in-depth question that takes a few minutes, this feature allows your company to walk them through any issues while they are still on your website, improving the overall relationship for future interactions.

Marketing Services

We have expanded this area to its own company! NRCW LLC is extremely proud of our success in this field but wait… It’s all included in your NRCW LCWS Package! Yes!

Business Solutions


Google Place, Bing, Yahoo! & Yelp

Google reported that roughly 40% of the 10 billion searches being conducted each month have “local intent”. It is highly likely that many of these searches have intent for the services that your business…


Whether you’re a small business targeting a local or niche market, or a well-established company looking to expand your reach and grow in a competitive market, we have solutions to suit various budgets and marketing.

SEO is the art of getting a website to work better with search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Effective SEO will help you be more visible in search engines. Being visible in search engines will help people to find your services and products online. This will drive more traffic to your website which equates to more potential customers.

What does this mean for you?

Effective SEO will ensure that your site shows up on that first page when someone searches for a business like yours when you show up on that first page, you are far more likely to gain that new customer or client

Even if there are bigger names out there, you can beat them in those search engine rankings with good SEO

So you increase your revenue and your reputation

Effective SEO will bring those searching for particular keywords to your site – meaning that your marketing efforts will be highly targeted

SEO also involves posting all kinds of content on other sites to link back to your site- this conent, including press releases, videos images, and articles all helps reinforce your brand and raise your profile

Which essentially means that a lot more people get to know about you and how great your are

Want to be found online? Contact us!


239 Million people use the internet! Hop on it!

The Internet allows people to research business, check out products, compare business practices, and compare competing company/business prices. If a business does not have a website, they are missing out on a lot of exposure to potential.

It used to be that people would drive to a store to get information about a product or service. Today, people turn on their computers and scan the Internet.

A web site is like your giant public bulletin board where people can get information on how to find you, where you are located, what you have to offer, why your service is unique, and what’s new in your company. It also is easily updated and changed frequently, and is a communication forum through which your customers can communicate back to you with questions, concerns and feedback on their needs.

The Internet allows people to research business, check out products, compare business practices, and compare competing company/business prices. If a business does not have a website, they are missing out on a lot of exposure to potential clients.

As more people start to use the internet, to be considered as legit or valid, one must have some kind of web presence. To be competitive, one must have an effective and efficient website.

If you already have a website and it is starting to feel outdated, let us revamp it. Our team is ready to bring back life into your your web presence. Get started now!

Craigslist Services

Craigslist Marketing Services

We post during prime times for the best leads
Are ads are highly optimized for the best conversions
As low as $1.99 per post or $25 per month
Basic graphic design is included!

We are craigslist compliant to terms of service. We do not offer “mass posting” services.

We reccomend that you to register a specic phone number or set up Google Voice to track statistics if you do not have a website call-to-action.


Craigslist Ad Example

Search Rankings

Search Engine Optimization

Drive traffic to your website by achieving page one rankings in search engines for valuable keywords and key phrases.

  • Keyword research unveils valuable search terms.
  • Website architecture and content are optimized.
  • Link building is performed to increase rankings.
  • Website analytics help measure results achieved.

Guaranteed SEO Services – No Additional Cost!

Why spend $20 to $2,000 per month on something that is vital to your website? Partner with a developer that excells in SEO from the very beginning.


We are able to achieve you top ten ranking through our consistant, smart, and 100% organic efforts. It’s not magic, it’s our effieciency and the strategic approach is the #1 reason NRCW Commercial Websites succeeds. Why? We don’t promise you the #1 spot on Google. We do it the right way and our way has shown to outlast hundreds of other companies who try to beat the system.

No other company can claim loyalty to SEO practices like us. Why? We don’t directly call it SEO. We call it responsibility. If a NRCW project fails in our portfolio, we fail. We build everything from a marketing perspective and the results show.

How do we do it?

We thoroughly research your website, its contents, your target keywords, search engine (Viz. Google, Yahoo/Bing), and do marketing research in your specific industry before we go to work or give you a time estimate depending on your goals. Making sure you have up to date info on the leading search engines is the only way to draw in traffic.

Our strategy and the approach are not the same always, they are devised according to websites and the comprehensiveness of the campaign. We make sure that whatever we do to optimize your website’s ranking is loved by search engines’ latest updates and algorithm changes (Like Google Penguin, Panda). We never imply any automated or unauthorized methods for content creation or link building. All the syndication processes we incorporate in our campaigns are always 100% manual to deny any kind of spam-threats. We are a group of innovative and informed folks who love optimizing websites and are obsessed with higher rankings

Sample SEO Traffic Results

We are serious when we say that we are results-driven. Here are some recent examples of results achieved for clients thanks to our search engine optimization services.

Cincinnati AHL
  • 2008 Monthly Page Views: 12
  • 2012 Monthly Page Views: 450,000
  • 2013 Monthly Page Views: 672,000
  • 2016 Monthly Page Views: 1,620,808

Client-Focused Customized Organic SEO

Yes, it takes time. We will handle it for you and do the work. Best of all; it’s included in all premium packages.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Google adores back-links that are built manually. Automated Search engine optimization techniques have the “footprints” where they monitor all the back-links that are built on auto-pilot. If you are planning to undertake manual SEO, footprints will not exist and Google will reward you a worth for this, and will provide you with better possibilities at having higher search rankings.

Cons: Automated Search engine optimization techniques are no more helpful; actually, it will even punish your site and will be slipped in rankings by Google. Therefore you are about to hunt for an SEO company, you have to ensure that you are likely to work with firms that are providing manual Search engine optimization services.

Email Marketing

What’s the difference between email marketing and email newsletters? Email marketing focuses on acquisition of new customers or participants while email newsletters focus on the retention of your current customers / participants.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

For the moment let’s call email marketing (or e-marketing) and the newsletter a correspondence. The approach you take in writing your correspondence is important to how you want to achieve the goals you set by your correspondence. At NRCW LLC we specialize not only in the physical ability to contact vast numbers of people by email (compliant with your federal and local laws – such as subscription management), but we also incorporate the knowledge and experience to help you communicate your message in the best (and often the most timely) method possible.

The objective of email marketing is to have the marketing email recipient take immediate action. The layout, approach and content of the message should persuasively guide the reader through a process with the end goal to make a sale or take a predefined action such as purchases, registrations, downloads or other goals.

These promotional emails tend to be short-term and targeted in approach (unless part of a sequenced campaign). If the recipient doesn’t respond more or less immediately to the offer, then chances are that the value of the email is not very effective. It has little long-term impact or influence on the recipient.

This is a very fast-growing independent business in the internet software solutions list of companies. Websites such as Constant Contact, I Contact, Event Brite, Social networking websites, and more all have the latest and greatest easy to do solution. NRCW LLC provides you with the professional hosted solution that (often times) does not cost you a penny more. Our complete website solutions package offers these services without any additional $15 to $500+ a month.


NRCW LLC offers inclusive solutions to your content managed website and tools to make the best of the correspondence you will be sending to your most loyal of clients. You have a great advantage when it comes to email newsletters. Your clients, customers or fans already are a fan of your company. The most frequent ideas that are presented in email newsletters are coupons, event communications, advertisements, and more in which the main objective is to bring the customer back to your website or business in hopes of raising revenue (most times this is the goal).

Strategic Communications
Improving Your Company …

We handle everything from producing online surveys to in field marketing research!
Don’t pay more.

How do you communicate your company’s products, services or message to new and existing clients? How can you better your company brand? Increase the bottom line?

NRCW LLC’s Strategic Communications Division has developed our ideas from our Marketing Research and on-location work. We do not achieve our successful reputation by following books or the latest trends (though we will talk about how following the latest trends are actually a great benefit to your organization).

There are some aspects that are greatly important to your company. Hopefully just by mentioning these, you will have found a guideline to solve problems on your own.

Why risk hiring another company to solve my problems if I am already in debt?

Look at a company’s reputation. At NRCW LLC we take extra time to reduce the risk of your investment. The literal translation of this answer is: We do not charge huge upfront fees. Seeking out most business improvement companies is like looking for the right lawyer.

How do I know the company is worth my time? What if it does not work?

In most situations, NRCW LLC and NRCW Networks will work on a commission-only basis. We take only a percentage of the additional revenue generated from our solutions.

What do you mean by Solutions?

This is the term we use to define NRCW LLC’s complete knowledge base of beneficial information. Sometimes these are websites or scripting for custom “features” programmed on website. Sometimes they are ideas from marketing research. Sometimes they are simply new technology [solutions] to enhance revenue or increase productivity.

Does little or no up-front cost mean it will be more expensive for me to hire a company like NRCW LLC?

Yes. It is the practice of good lawyers who have a solid reputation and history to charge more is it not? You know those who advertise zero up-front expenses will fight harder for you to win. It is this guarantee that puts NRCW LLC on the forefront of a strong future and success. You have little to no investment with a guaranteed return (the work that we do) and no risk that it will cost you any more money (because it is commission-based)! Every situation is unique. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.
Some Ideas to get you started:
Understand the value of a customer
Create and maintain a solid company image
Emphasize value over price
Stick to the basics
Treat your employees the way you would like them to treat your customers
Do Your Own Marketing Research – Be alert to changes
Embrace new technology – We know this is hard for some of us to do, maybe because we fear technology or fear drastic changes.
Hire only the best – Often times we have to rethink our companies. Change is not fun. When profits matter, sometimes decision must be made. Often times training and other techniques will prove the most effective solution or we will research (or generate) your hiring statistics.
Diversify – Look at NRCW LLC as a prime example, we have over 12 divisions – What about at least selling company apparel? It’s really easy in today’s technological world!
Focus on what you do best – (and put those skills or products in to diversification plans of action)
Keep an eye on the competition – NRCW LLC invests a lot of time in this, that’s why our prices are great. We add a lot to the ideas of what is normally expected from a company like NRCW LLC. It’s what makes us stand out above our competition.
Communicate – You might be surprised at what ideas NRCW LLC provides our clients. We love those moments where a client says “Why didn’t I think of that!”
Remember that you are a reflection of what you do
Appearance – all aspects from your website to your staff members will lead a customer into believing you are a professional and respected organization (I’m sure that you are).

Social Integration

Integrated Social Media
Marketing & Integration

The first thing we tell our clients is that if you are seeking cheap, low-cost, social media marketing to consider the return on your investment the marketing will provide your business rather than just focusing on the upfront cost. NRCW LLC custom tailors your website solution with social media inside and out from the start and allows you to share the latest information on your homepage without ever touching the website itself through facebook feeds. We also handle application development, integration and interaction with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook so you can really extend your marketing capabilities.

“There are no cost-free marketing methods!”


Advertise Now!

The NRCW Networks now contain over 55 websites with more than 27,500 web pages and continue to grow exponentially. At this time we are extending a very affordable marketing campaign to those companies and individuals interested in hosting a banner with us, our affiliates or our (reimbursed) clients.

This division of NRCW LLC has expanded with so much popularity we proudly introduce our second registered company:


NRCW Dasher Ad


You can too!

Northland Ice Center

(>300,000 People Per Year)

This is an opportunity for successful print advertising inside of Cincinnati’s first ice rink.

An excellent target-marketing directed at parents, families, and adult and youth hockey players.
A great way to be seen by the hundreds of travel hockey teams (and their parents!) that play at the rink.
Perfect for local hotels, fast food restaurants, sit-down restaurants, area entertainment, and more!
The price includes printing, hanging, and maintenance.

Was $2,000 :: Now Only $1399 (First Year)


(15,000 to 64,000+ Views Per Month)

There are many opportunities to advertise with Northland Ice Center that are affordable and effective. Our website is and the demographics are families, children, birthday parties teenagers and couples.


FAQ: A 100,000 banner purchace would last you one to three or more years depending on how many other advertisers and other factors.

Cincinnati AHL

(15,000 to 25,000 Views Per Month)

There are many opportunities to advertise with Cincinnati Adult Hockey League that are affordable and effective. Our website is and the demographics are mostly adult men who wisit the website. Game of the Week live (and internet archives) are watched by friends and family of the players as well as the players themselves (after the game was broadcast).

Website Banner Advertising

As Low As $2.69 PER 1,000 BANNER VIEWS (CPM)

Click here for more information!


(150 to 500 Views Per Month)

Game of The Week Video Broadcast

10 second audio ad :: $29.95 $9.95 (done by announcer)
30 second audio ad :: $49.95 $25.95 (done by announcer)
10 second video ad :: $39.95 $19.95 (between periods)*
30 second video ad :: $69.95 $49.95 (between periods)*
Buy Two in One game take 10% off
Season Sponsorship (10 Games) :: Free credit as a sponsor, free banner advertising, opportunity to sit in at pregame before 2 games and talk about your company and take 15% OFF retail pricing. Free advertising on NRCW TV’s website.
Game sponsorship packages available starting at $59! “Brought to you by…”
* Videos must meet our broadcasting standards. A small conversion fee may be assessed for post production.

NRCW Networks Websites

(Views Very Per Site)

Nearly every website in the NRCW Portfolio can be advertised on! Imagine extending your targeted marketing campaigns to related fields. Browse our portfolio for more listings (under about us)!

The Details

(You will be very impressed)

The NRCW Networks contain over 25 websites with more than 1,500 web pages. At this time we are extending a very affordable marketing campaign to those companies and individuals interested in hosting a banner with us, our affiliates or our (reimbursed) clients.

NRCW Networks will contact you within two business days of your purchase to modify your contract. You may schedule campaign start and end dates, limit the impressions per IP address or per hour so we may optimize your investment to best suit your needs. If you have any questions of concerns please do not hesitate to call us directly at 513-531-NRCW during normal business hours, we will be glad to talk to you!

By purchasing banner advertising, you will be able to select which NRCW Networks website(s) your add will appear on based on target audience or topic. Your adds will then be seen on the selected websites and weekly (or daily if you desire) tracking data will automatically be sent to your email in box.

Please be aware that we fully expect to double, triple even quadruple the price for advertising in the weeks to come. You are fortunate to find this site while we are test marketing the advertising. What this means to you is you can lock yourself into a very inexpensive ad cost for a very high exposure site which as of today receives of an average of over 1,000 hits per day!

Monthly advertising, exclusive contracts and pay per click advertising is available and the rates are welcome to be negotiated before purchase but please contact us in person for these alternative, yet effective marketing practices.

Business Analytics

Resource Research

Resource Potential Research™

Soon to be renamed as the NRCW Edge Marketing Process™

We call it RPR™. Researching the potential for additional profits from the resources provided. Current applications include the entire NRCW Broadcasting company as it was created from the idea of a handy camera, a computer and the internet.

Now NRCW Broadcasting is expanding into a professional company with upgraded software, hosted video solutions and more but because we took the time to research this goldmine, it now had the opportunity to expand into a profitable resource, and it is! Encompass the complete NRCW knowedge base without buying the company.

Let’s look at an ice center. NRCW LLC RPR™ contributions that have been followed through include focusing on internal advertising – increased revenue, offer live entertainment at skate – the interest has sparked up so much that every time we go to set up video we get asked “Are you the DJ”. We expect this one to increase attendance. Allow us to advertise based on comission – advertising is everywhere and interest is fast expanding!

Starting at $20 per hour and 50% gross revenue increase or $250 / hr flat rate.



RSS Feeds and Application Programming Interface

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

Benefits and Reasons for using RSS

RSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually. You ensure your privacy, by not needing to join each site’s email newsletter. The number of sites offering RSS feeds is growing rapidly and includes big names like Yahoo News.

What do I need to do to read an RSS Feed?

Feed Reader or News Aggregator software allow you to grab the RSS feeds from various sites and display them for you to read and use.

A variety of RSS Readers are available for different platforms. Some popular feed readers include Amphetadesk (Windows, Linux, Mac), FeedReader (Windows), and NewsGator (Windows – integrates with Outlook). There are also a number of web-based feed readers available. My Yahoo, Bloglines, and Google Reader are popular web-based feed readers.

Once you have your Feed Reader, it is a matter of finding sites that syndicate content and adding their RSS feed to the list of feeds your Feed Reader checks. Many sites display a small icon with the acronyms RSS, XML, or RDF to let you know a feed is available.

Access Controls

Website Content Management Tools

Content management tools allow authorized users the ability to add, edit and delete website content. All of Legend Web Works’ websites come pre-packaged with easy-to-use content management tools.

With our content management tools, you don’t need a technical background or expensive software to update your website — just access to the internet.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Word or have a Facebook page, you will be able to use our content management tools.

Our content management tools allow you to:

Maintain text and images throughout your website
Include important specials or alerts on your homepage
Add new services or product pages to your website
Maintain a blog
Upload a photo gallery of images
Include video clips about your business
Add client testimonials
Update staff photos and bios
Update Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Add news articles about your business
And much, much more . . .

Programming & Development

Live Updating Content


Highly Interactive Modern Websites

Taking advantage of both the high bandwidth available on most devices today and the latest technologies, NRCW Commercial Website Solutions will put you at the forefront of website technologies. New programming languages allow us to implement new JSON technologies which you probably already have interacted with but don’t know how it works.

Websites and mobile apps such as facebook, Twitter and others will display content as it’s updated. This is the work of JSON technologies and application programming interfaces (API) that provides a real time or near real time live interacting with content.

Federated Logins

Federated Login using OpenID

Allows users to sign-in to 3rd party websites using their account on your own website, without giving away their credentials. [API Crededtials]

OpenID is an open standards authentication protocol which allows users to sign-in to 3rd party websites using their local account, without giving away their credentials. The users may also optionally share personal data such as their email address, name, country and language. [Facebook Open Graph Concept]

Control over Authorized API Clients

Developers can register their web applications and other API clients with NRCW LLC to enable access to data in the NRCW Network like web apps, calendar and more. You can authorize these registered clients to access user data without your users having to individually give consent or their passwords.

Custom Services

Remember - Everything Is Included

When you partner with NRCW LLC, you get full service consultation and development in one. No unreasonable up-charges for a different type of project. A broad range of skills, gives you a lot of what it sometimes requires a full team to do with Drew Eppley. "A jack of all trades is a master of none though oftentimes better than master of one!


Today there are hundreds of "all-in-one" digital marketing and website companies out there (but still none that offer as much as we can in one monthly rate). When Drew started his website company officially in 2004, he was already working the college radio station and at a commercial AM station in Carlisle, PA. His passion for radio, club DJing, video production and photography has been offered since the days he started building HTML websites for friends, family and classmates. Because his passion extends into hundreds of skills, all that has become not only NRCW Commercial Website Solutions but also the entire NRCW Companies portfolio as it is today! Clients who partner with NRCW LLC also get everything in the extended services and yes, that actually becomes a burden because there are at times, too many options to choose from but don't worry, Drew has a very good plan adjusted for each industry from extensive automotive background to venues and coffee shops!