Social MediaGive your customers the tools to make the most of your website with easy content sharing through Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other Web 2.0 websites. Effortless account creation with Facebook and Twitter Application development along with Facebook Open Graph development for select industries. Quick bookmarking through use of readily available social media tools and leverage influential capabilities of social media by integrating social media in to ecommerce websites.

Social Media Integration

Examples of Social Media Integration: NRCW LLC can integrate a wide range of social media technologies into your website, from Facebook “Like” buttons and Twitter integration, to more advanced, app-based integration with both established and emerging social media platforms.

Some features include:

  • Facebook Connect
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Google Connect
  • Self-Hosted Account Login / Registration
  • Twitter Connect
  • OpenID
  • & Many More

Community Building

  • Facebook Friend Connect
  • Google Friend Connect

Onsite Content

  • Twitter Status RSS Feeds
  • Google Profile
  • Facebook Profile Badge

Featured Social Media Integration Clients

The first thing we tell our clients is that if you are seeking cheap, low-cost, social media marketing to consider the return on your investment the marketing will provide your business rather than just focusing on the upfront cost. NRCW LLC custom tailors your website solution with social media inside and out from the start and allows you to share the latest information on your homepage without ever touching the website itself through facebook feeds. We also handle application development, integration and interaction with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook so you can really extend your marketing capabilities.

“There are no cost-free marketing methods!”



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