We handle everything from producing online surveys to in field marketing research! Don’t pay more. NRCW LLC’s Strategic Communications Division has developed our ideas from our Marketing Research and on-location work.

We do not achieve our successful reputation by following books or the latest trends (though we will talk about how following the latest trends are actually a great benefit to your organization).

There are some aspects that are greatly important to your company. Hopefully just by mentioning these, you will have found a guideline to solve problems on your own.

How do you communicate your company’s products, services or message to new and existing clients? How can you better your company brand? Increase the bottom line?

Why risk hiring another company to solve my problems if I am already in debt?

Look at a company’s reputation. At NRCW LLC we take extra time to reduce the risk of your investment. The literal translation of this answer is: We do not charge huge upfront fees. Seeking out most business improvement companies is like looking for the right lawyer.

How do I know the company is worth my time?

What if it does not work?

In most situations, NRCW LLC and NRCW Networks will work on a commission-only basis. We take only a percentage of the additional revenue generated from our solutions.

What do you mean by Solutions?

This is the term we use to define NRCW LLC’s complete knowledge base of beneficial information. Sometimes these are websites or scripting for custom “features” programmed on website. Sometimes they are ideas from marketing research. Sometimes they are simply new technology [solutions] to enhance revenue or increase productivity.

Does little or no up-front cost mean it will be more expensive for me to hire a company like NRCW LLC?

Yes. It is the practice of good lawyers who have a solid reputation and history to charge more is it not? You know those who advertise zero up-front expenses will fight harder for you to win. It is this guarantee that puts NRCW LLC on the forefront of a strong future and success. You have little to no investment with a guaranteed return (the work that we do) and no risk that it will cost you any more money (because it is commission-based)! Every situation is unique. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

Some Ideas to get you started:

Understand the value of a customer

Create and maintain a solid company image

Emphasize value over price

Stick to the basics

Treat your employees the way you would like them to treat your customers

Do Your Own Marketing Research – Be alert to changes

Embrace new technology – We know this is hard for some of us to do, maybe because we fear technology or fear drastic changes.

Hire only the best – Often times we have to rethink our companies. Change is not fun. When profits matter, sometimes decision must be made. Often times training and other techniques will prove the most effective solution or we will research (or generate) your hiring statistics.

Diversify – Look at NRCW LLC as a prime example, we have over 12 divisions – What about at least selling company apparel? It’s really easy in today’s technological world!

Focus on what you do best – (and put those skills or products in to diversification plans of action)

Keep an eye on the competition – NRCW LLC invests a lot of time in this, that’s why our prices are great. We add a lot to the ideas of what is normally expected from a company like NRCW LLC. It’s what makes us stand out above our competition.

Communicate – You might be surprised at what ideas NRCW LLC provides our clients. We love those moments where a client says “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Remember that you are a reflection of what you do

Appearance – all aspects from your website to your staff members will lead a customer into believing you are a professional and respected organization (I’m sure that you are).


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