Over the past three to five years, many of our NRCW dedicated hosting servers have been targeted for attacks from proxies from bad websites and intentional dynamic IP address attacks and tests for vulnerabilities. We currently have a list of over 13,500 ‘bad’ addresses.

If you are attempting to access a NRCW Commercial Website but cannot get access from a specific IP address, you may submit a White List Request to us by contacting us directly in person and we will independently review your history.

Thank you for your patience and please be sure to be safe when downloading files, running programs and surfine online on both mobile and standard devices.


The Continental Indoor Lacrosse League (CILL) is a senior men’s semi-professional box lacrosse league in the United States. The league presently consists of nine teams with a geographical footprint centered around the midwest region of the U.S. and NRCW is proud to not only partner with Lansing, MI Hot Rods but our CEO is also an official backup goaltender of the team!

As lacrosse continues to grow across the nation, we hope to also have opportunities to promote this [awesome] sport with a stronger online presence to get more adults and fans alike interested in attending games across the region which has recently expanded outside of the midwest region thus taking on the name Continental Indoor Lacrosse League (from the former Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association (MILA)). It’s a really cool watching this awesome sport continue to grow and also be a part of the game both in website & social media as well as actually on the field!




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We’re proud to announce our new partnership with Cincinnati Automotive Inc. and look forward to providing full and complete customized credit appication system as well as potentially a buy-it-online solutions.

Cincinnati Transmission Specialists is Cincinnati most respected transmission & automotive services company with two locations in Cincinnati. We look forward to this project to be marketing focused in a competitive industry!

istock 000012618480smallNRCW Commercial Website Solutions takes great pride in our expertise and network security. When it comes to weeding out the automated bots and the human attempts to access restricted areas, it’s pretty easy to tell. Today we received a very close-to-home Brute Force Flag from a local Time Warner Road Runner Business customer and it’s got us both laughing and concerned at the same time. Roadrunner servers tend to route from their Akron hub. The details of the attack are below:

IP Address :
PTR : rrcs-24-123-244-22.central.biz.rr.com
Registry WHOIS Server : ipmt.rr.com:4321
%rwhois V-1.5:0020b0:00 ipmt.rr.com (by Time Warner Cable, Inc. V-1.0)
network:Org-Name:Road Runner Commercial
network:Tech-Contact:ipaddreg (at) rr.com
network:Updated:2013-04-02 10:30:25
network:IP-Network-Range: –

organization:Org-Name:Road Runner Commercial
organization:Tech-Contact:ipaddreg (at) rr.com
organization:Street-Address:13820 Sunrise Valley Drive
organization:Updated:2013-04-02 10:30:25
organization:Created:2013-04-02 10:30:25

Date of excessive logins: 4/2/2013 1:06PM EDT

NRCW Action: Permanent Ban


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