sphr-icoSports Plus / The Sphere
Cincinnati’s Premier Sports Complex

The Sphere ice arena offers two NHL size sheets of ice, 6 basketball volleyball courts, an inline rink, arcade, mini golf and a lot more. The facility is over 225,000 square feet in size and is a prized project for NRCW LLC. We are doing what we can to revitalize and reestablish the facility as a great and fun place to play sports and have fun in Cincinnati.

maby-icoMid America Ball Yard

Mid America Ball Yard is one of the greatest homes for Cincinnati Softball. Located in Cincinnati, OH, NRCW LLC is proud to welcome the organization and players to the new and developing features including newsletter technologies, live weather, and information and communication tools. This will be our first commercial sports organization project that will  incorporate e-commerce into the website to pay league fees and enhance the efficiency of the park owners and staff members. Umpire online application and availability data collection and more. Also on its way will be On Deck Bar & Grill daily specials, additional flash content and more! This project closed in January of 2012 due to a rebranding campaign / cost-cutting decision by managers.

yuva-icoYuva United
Music Video Project

NRCW Proudly roams in the music video production areas. Why? Because it’s fun, a great legal challenge and rewarding. In partnership with NRCW Media Promotions and NRCW Records; NRCW Video Production steps up to new heights with new and innovative media ideas to capture the feeling behind the music in the form of video. NRCW LLC plans on expanding our video production and recording divisions by 2011 to include Ultra High Definition video and more!

A great and recent eCommerce project produced for Devl Tuning in Forest Park, OH. This site is an example of the latest in open source ecommerce solutions as well as template design.
fcc-icoThe Free Chamber of Commerce
A free business resource being built from the ground up from NRCW LLC and national business owners looking to colaborate and network without paying a bucnh of money to regional or national organizations. TFCC doesn’t offer all the benefits of a paid organization but with hopes and goals, this will set the open source attitude towards new business and provide a resource for all entrepreneurs from around the globe!

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