NRCW Websites LogoAfter about 55 hours of work since Wednesday, all of our clients’ dedicated hosting servers have been upgraded to the latest cPanel and webmail interfaces. MySQL is now running 5.5 along with a list of about 45 other features that now have the latest versions of software (which includes benefits of improved security and faster speeds). If you run into any issues, first use CTRL(key)+Refresh your browser window but if you still have any problems don’t hesitate to contact us on facebook or call us at 513-531-NRCW anytime 24/7.

Clients can now access webmail at []/securewebmail for encrypted email access (highly reccomended). This does not apply to those using Google Apps / Gmail.


Screenshot of the new Roundcube Webmail

 roundcube upgraded



Just one more example; The new cPanel login screen

 cpanel upgraded


This is all pretty cool stuff. Client website projects and actual cPanel interface will be the same with the exception of a few new features if you browse around (like email auto configuration and email archiving are two examples).


Drew Eppley
NRCW Commercial Website Solutions


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